• #Build with Heart
    “WOOSUNG SMARTCITY·VIEW” is a brand for residential places built by Woosung Construction
    Apartment complex is a unique place where many families live under one roof but pursue their own lives.
    Therefore, Woosung is doing its utmost in order to build good houses with a distinguished design beyond
    customers’ expectation through making an effective floor plan to satisfy various types of lifestyles..
  • #Build for the Future
    Woosung Construction has been committed to research and development all the time to build
    innovative and long- lasting architecture that looks forward to the future.
    Through faithful building process,
    we aim to provide more beautiful and sustainable construction with high durability.
  • #Build with Trust
    We are devoted to constructing outstanding buildings
    trusted by customers through reading the market well and having a keen eye on
    everything from design to construction and after-sales management.
Sales Information
2nd floor, 270, Gaejwa-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Phone : 051-525-0700
FAX : 051-524-3009
Corporate Registration Number : 617-81-81697
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